Selected Work


~ Lines of Communication [Daugher::Mother] [apologize] – forthcoming in Literary Mama

~ from Buried  [A Place] – Canto 13 [do the opposite of] [appear, come to light, come forth] – forthcoming in Ex/Post Magazine

~ from Buried  [A Place] – Canto 15 [two fold] – forthcoming in Ex/Post Magazine

~ from Buried  [A Place] – Canto 17 [to sit] [against] – forthcoming in Quartet Magazine.

~ from Buried  [A Place] – Canto 24 [again] [to surge, rise] – Labryinth, Burning House Press

~ from Buried  [A Place] – Canto 12 [to swell gush, spurt] / [that which bursts out] – Street Light Press

~ from Buried  [A Place] – Cantos 4 [besides, near by] / [reach, attain] – Poetica Review

~ from Buried  [A Place] – Cantos 5 [cause to be, make into] [a runner] – Poetica Review

~ from Buried  [A Place] – Cantos 6 [to swallow] – Poetica Review

~ Slaughter Canyon Cave – Blue Heron Review

~ Besieged – Aster(ix)

~ Departure – Panolopy

~ Lines of Communication [Mother::Daughter] [her rage] – Pangolin Review

~ Lines of Communication [Blue] – Druidical

~ Yoke – Druidical

~ Measured – Druidical

~ Great Basin Desert near Mono Lake – Poet Lore


An Etymology of Dreaming

A site for Articles Exploring Dreams, Dreaming and Creativity 

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On this site [and in my bi-weekly newsletter for subscribers and monthly newsletter for free subscribers] I explore the [protean] nature of dreaming and the legacy of dream interpretation/theory that illuminate and cloud how we see dreams. In other words, the stories about dreaming themselves.

I also explore what dreaming can mean through many lenses – through dreams, creativity, story, history, mythology, fairytales.

Some ongoing article series:

I ask questions and more questions – hard, provocative, surpising questions. The same way dreams evoke hard, provocative, surprising and necessary questions. It is a work unfolding. Some of this will make its way into a book I am working on about dreaming – a mix of legacy [dream and personal], story, possibility, questions. You are invited to come along, be a supporter, be a dreamer with me.