Relationship Work

The Power of Dreams to Deepen Relationship

Embodied Dreamwork Sessions and Intensives for Couples

Embodied Dreamwork is both an inner and outer process. As we explore our inner journey, the dreams will also challenge us around our outer lives. One of the places our old patterns and old stories most strongly surface, of course, is in the realm of our committed relationship. By facing into our inner challenges, we can also deepen our relationship with our partners.

The tender process of working with dreams within the context of our intimate relationship includes discovering the projections we may have onto our partners so that we can pull them back to our own work and create space for our relationship to grow. The profound intelligence of the dreams can zero in on where the true issues are in the relationship, getting to the roots of the issue rather than just dealing with symptoms.

Working with the dreams around relationship issues can help to pinpoint the projections, can help to parse out issues that require attention and also to help open to the love and intimacy that may get lost in our day to day lives.

Our dreams can help us learn to stand together, working together – instead of feeling like we need to face off against each other.

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