An [Etymology] of Dreaming

A Podcast About All Things Dreaming
First, let me say something about the name of my new podcast. As a writer, I am a bit obsessed with words – everything about them from meaning to sound to how we use them. So, etymology, which is the study of where words come from, is a place of great pleasure for me. To trace how a word came into its current meaning is usually a stunning process. How the roots of a word can bring such a different depth of meaning.

Which, to me, is a little like what I do with dreams – Embodied Dreamwork, in a way, is the study of where who we are, what we do, what we don’t do, comes from. The roots, if you will. Both from our own history, our ancestoral history and a soul history, which is a way of saying who we are in the deepest parts of ourselves and who we can become.

This podcast is a series of talks on specific dream topics, conversations with other dreamers and practitioners, all exploring the dream landscape. I hope you enjoy.

Interview with Katherine Bell

Interview with
Katherine Bell
July, 2019



Why There Aren’t
Really Types of Archetypes
April, 2019
Types of Dreams
Why There Aren’t
Really Types of Dreams
February, 2019
Non Sequitur Dreaming
The Landscape of the
Non Sequitur-ness of Dreams
January, 2019
A Story of Sleeping Beauty
‘The “How” of Embodied Dreamwork
Through a Story of Sleeping Beauty
28 Dec 2017
What is Embodied Dreamwork
Exploring the Core Foundations of
Embodied Dreamwork
4 Oct 2017
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about Dreams
August 2017
Conversation w/Kate Chadwick
Dreams and Healing
October 2017
Dreams and Yoga Nidra
A Conversation with Bill St.Cyr and Tias Little
about the intersection of Dreams and Yoga
August 2017
Welcome to the Podcast
Where I offer a little about why this podcast
August 2017