Mentorship Program

Advanced and Personalized

Practitioner Training and Support

In addition to our classes and seminars, we work with students through our mentorship program which provides a more personalized experience for each Embodied Dreamwork practitioner. 

The mentorship program includes foundational elements – AND it can be tailored to your needs and schedules.

The heart and intention of the Mentorship Program is two-fold:

  1. To offer the opportunity to learn the basics and intricacies of Dreamwork within the Students of the Dream tradition, with hands-on prep and supervision for working with dreams both one-on-one and in groups.

  2. To offer and create space for each practitioner to find their own unique way of working with dreams through in relationship to this practice.

This Program Includes All of the Basic Practitioner Program Offerings Listed Above Plus:

  • Up to Four Tutorial/Supervision Based Classes Per Month

The tutorial classes will be held as needed up to 4 times a month. We will work with a practitioner and their client’s dreams in preparation for a session or a string session or post session/group. The tutorial format will offer a chance for individualized learning, feedback, critique, guidance and brainstorming on how to work with specific dreamers. We will work with one practitioner per class.

  • Support with Outside Writing for Blogs, Websites, etc.
  • Personalized Meetings.

We will meet with you periodically to personalize your learning experience and to help you develop and grow your practice. This can include business coaching as well as individualized learning opportunities.

Winter Trimester 2017 – 2018

To apply, contact us via email:


For information about specific classes, see the links below on our Students of the Dream Website.

Sue Scavo and Bill St. Cyr

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If you are interested but unsure if mentorship is for you, please feel free to contact me.

Dreamer's Gatherings

We have found that the group process can be profound and powerful and deeply supportive. The heart and intention of our online Dreamer’s Gathering is to create a community and a safe environment in which to explore the realm of our dreams together. We offer a container for that exploration as well as guidance with the dreams with the intention of supporting the dreamer’s inner work.

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We offer many online classes about different aspects
and elements of Embodied Dreamwork.
Our current classes are:

The Foundations of Embodied Dreamwork
Writing Vertically
Embodied Stringwork Theory

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Certificate of Study Programs

We have several levels of Certificate of Study programs available for those who are interested in learning the foundational elements of
Embodied Dreamwork:

Dream Study Certificate of Study
Practitioner Training Certificate of Study
Ongoing Advanced Studies Certificate of Study
Mentorship Program

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