Dreamwork Retreats

An Embodied Dreamwork retreat is an opportunity to step into an intimate group setting to explore the deep intentions of the dream. I have been leading groups for over 14 years in this unique way of working with dreams.

Every retreat is a new experience, whether you have been to no retreats or to many. Every retreat opens to the challenges, the tenderness, the awe, the impossibility of our dreams to move, change, challenge, hold, support, challenge, love us. Every retreat is a chance to explore the depth of the wisdom of your dreams, to discover your own intuition and knowing, to step into layers of healing that may have felt impossible. 

Because of the potential that is offered by your dreams, we take great care to create a retreat experience where your work can unfold in a safe and supportive environment. We do this through collaboration, through being open to the challenges offered by our dreams and by creating a space to honor and respect each dreamer and each dreamer’s process in the group. 

This is the place where we begin and which creates space for each participant, for you, to have an experience out of the ordinary. In this space, a sacred space, many things are possible as we move through our dreams – laughter, quietness, grief, tenderness, joy, awakenings, breakthroughs, discoveries, rediscovery of our passion, healing of trauma, opening of our wildness. 


What Happens at a Retreat

In a retreat, each participant is given the opportunity to step into an embodiment of a cluster of dreams through Embodied Stringwork. This process is similar to psychodrama except it uses the elements of the dream and is anchored in the dream experience. In Embodied Stringwork, participants in the group stand in for and enact different parts of a particular dreamer’s cluster of dreams.

In the intimacy of the group, the string work can open the deeper levels of learning, feelings and experience of the dreams for the dreamer. For those who step into another’s dreams, the learning is also deeply profound. Participants have often told me that they learned as much about their own work by participating in someone else’s string work as when they stepped into their own string work session.

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My main partner in leading retreats is my partner Bill St.Cyr. We have been leading retreats since 2004 from Kripalu to Esalen, the south of France to Santa Cruz, London to Pensacola, Breitenbush to Hollyhock. We also lead retreats in collaboration with other dreamwork teachers in the US and in Canada – many of which are annual retreats. 

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Over the years of leading retreats, we have continued (and will continue to continue!) to evolve how we work with groups and individuals through collaboration and with great tenderness.

We are also open to coming to you for a presentation, weekend workshop or retreat. Contact me for more information.