Classes, Dream groups,
Training Programs

With my partner, Bill St. Cyr, I have been teaching about dreamwork and training dreamwork practitioners for over 20 years through our organization Students of the Dream and online school, Limina.

We offer Dream Gatherings, Embodied Dreamwork classes for dreamers and Certificate of Study programs for those who would like to learn how to be with other people and their dreams. 

Our classes are experiential and collaborative, just as is our work with individuals and groups at retreats and workshops. We very much believe in the importance and value of bringing the consciousness of the dream realm into this world for those who are interested in working with dreams. 

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Some of Our Current/Past Classes

  • On-going Online Dreamer’s Circles.
  • On-going Embodied Dreamwork Practitioner Training.
  • On-going Embodied Dreamwork Practitioner Mentorship.
  • Dreams and Trauma Work – Working with “Nightmares”.
  • Embodied Dreamwork and Relationship.
  • Writing Vertically – Diving Deep into Writing through Dreams.
  • The How’s of Dreamwork Seminars.
  • Dreams, Story, Mythology, Fairy Tales – Healing With/Through Story.
  • Dreams and Creativity – Exploring Voice through the Dream.
  • Dreamwork and the Issues of Gender.
  • The Fundamentals of Dreamwork.
  • Writing, Creativity and the Dream.
  • Art, Dreams and the Practice of Presence.
  • Dreamwork and Mythology with Karla Van Vliet.