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Announcing Certificate of Study Programs

I am excited to announce, alongside my partner and husband Bill St. Cyr, our Certificate of Study Programs through our school Limina. We have developed the school and the programs because we deeply  believe in the importance and value of bringing the consciousness of the dream realm into this world. Embodied Dreamwork is a dynamic, exciting, profound and mysterious way to work with dreams and we are excited to offer it to those who want to learn more about it.

This Certificate of Study Program is also an acknowledgment of the intense devotion of the many dreamers and practitioners who have been and are working alongside us in this venture for many, many years. It is also an invitation to all of you that might want to join us.


Three Certificate of Study Programs:

Our base program is a Dream Study – Certificate of Study. This is for dreamers and practitioners who are learning and who want to learn more about the dream process and this practice we have evolved here at Students of the Dream and LIMINA. Active participation in any of our study classes at LIMINAStudents of the Dream or our previous work at the former Center for Archetypal Dreamwork, qualify toward this certificate.

The Practitioner Training Certificate of Study is built on the foundation of the Dream Certificate of Study with the additional provision of Client Prep/Supervision Sessions done with us at  LIMINAStudents of the Dream or our previous work at the former Center for Archetypal Dreamwork.

The Ongoing Advanced Studies Program Certificate is for those who continue beyond the Practitioner Training Certificate of Study Program.


For information about specific classes, see the links below on our Students of the Dream Website.

Dreamer's Gatherings

Group process can be profound, powerful and deeply supportive. The heart and intention of our online Dreamer’s Gathering is to create a community and a safe environment in which to explore the realm of our dreams together. We offer a container for that exploration as well as guidance with the dreams with the intention of supporting the dreamer’s inner work.

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We offer many online classes about different aspects
and elements of Embodied Dreamwork.
Our current classes are:

Writing Vertically
Stories Within Your Stories
Ongoing Practitioner’s Seminar

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Certificate of Study Programs

We have several levels of Certificate of Study programs available for those who are interested in learning the foundational elements of
Embodied Dreamwork:

Dream Study Certificate of Study
Practitioner Training Certificate of Study
Ongoing Advanced Studies Certificate of Study

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