Writing Vertically

Open new depths of creativity

through the language and images

of your dreams…

Join me for a deep dive into the realm of dreams and expression through writing.

Writing Vertically is a process of opening and honing our writing informed by our dreams, even if the writing we are working on is dream related or not. It is a chance to let the vertical drop of our dreams open the vertical spaces in our writing. 
In these seminars, we will work with both our writing and our dreams to bring our unconscious more deeply into our creative process. We will work with dreams and writing pieces as if they are the same thing – weaving our creative work with the creative unconscious to help us unleash voice. Dreams bring us what wants to be said, what we need to hear. They also bring us what blocks us from stepping the most deeply we can into our writing. It is a way of honoring our creative voice and our dream experience as alive, breathing, viable, important parts of ourselves. Bringing vitality and surprise to our writing.

There are two seminars:

Generative Seminars 

A monthly seminar where we will have time to generate material from our dreams. We will work with prompts and exercises to open our intention to find our voices and give space to actually write/create.

Wednesdays – 6-7:30pm EST

Winter Trimester: Jan 15th, Feb 5th, March 4th

Spring Trimester: Apr 1st, April 29th, and June 3


Revelational Writing Seminars

A monthly experiential seminar where we will work with “Stringwork” to open our work and our dreams. Stringwork is a process of embodying our dreams and creative work through “acting” out the parts in the dream and the creative work together in a group process. This process is profound, dynamic, electrifying and surprising.

Saturdays – 11a-2pm EST

Winter Trimester: Jan 25th, Feb 15th and March 7th

Spring Trimester: Apr 11th, May 2nd and June 9

Note: All Seminars will be recorded.



For information on cost and to register, go here: https://studentsofthedream.com/writing-vertically/

For information about other classes, see the links below on our Students of the Dream Website.

Dreamer's Gatherings

Group process can be profound, powerful and deeply supportive. The heart and intention of our online Dreamer’s Gathering is to create a community and a safe environment in which to explore the realm of our dreams together. We offer a container for that exploration as well as guidance with the dreams with the intention of supporting the dreamer’s inner work.

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We offer many online classes about different aspects
and elements of Embodied Dreamwork.
Our current classes are:

The How’s of Dreamwork Seminars
Writing Vertically
Microdosing Dreams
Ongoing Practitioner’s Seminar

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Certificate of Study Programs

We have several levels of Certificate of Study programs available for those who are interested in learning the foundational elements of
Embodied Dreamwork:

Dream Study Certificate of Study
Practitioner Training Certificate of Study
Ongoing Advanced Studies Certificate of Study

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