The Retreat Experience

What to Expect at an Embodied Dreamwork Retreat

Every retreat is a new experience, whether you have been to no retreats or to many. Every retreat opens to the challenges, the tenderness, the awe, the impossibility of our dreams to move, change, challenge, hold, support, challenge, love us. Every retreat is a chance to explore the depth of the wisdom of your dreams, to discover your own intuition and knowing, to step into layers of healing that may have felt impossible. 

Because of the potential that is offered by your dreams, we take great care to create a retreat experience where your work can unfold in a safe and supportive environment. We do this through collaboration, through being open to the challenges offered by our dreams and by creating a space to honor and respect each dreamer and each dreamer’s process in the group. 

This is the place where we begin and which creates space for each participant, for you, to have an experience out of the ordinary. In this space, a sacred space, many things are possible as we move through our dreams – laughter, quietness, grief, tenderness, joy, awakenings, breakthroughs, discoveries, rediscovery of our passion, healing of trauma, opening of our wildness. 

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Retreats are about working in relationship with you and your dreams. Meaning we trust the wisdom of your dreamĀ as well as the wisdom that arises as we work together. Meaning that we do not assume we have answers for you but that through working together, we can discover the teachings in your dreams unique to you.


Just as we respect the dreaming, we respect each
individual in the group as unique, particular and
dynamic. We work to build a group experience
based on mutual respect and tenderness.


Our dreams challenge us. Part of the retreat experience is to discover the wisdom and the deep challenges the dreams offer us. Challenges to our stories of who we are and who we are not. Challenges to belief systems. Challenges to how we view ourselves and the world around us.

What a Typical Retreat Day Looks Like

All retreats are different and because we have retreats in so many different locations, there is a great variety in what a retreat day looks like depending on where we are. For example, when we are in Santa Fe at Prajna Yoga, part of the day will typically include some time for meditation and/or simple yoga. When we are in Santa Cruz, we may create time to gather at the ocean for a ceremony that we create together. Each retreat group has its own culture.

Having said that, there are a few things that do happen during each day when we gather together:

  • Space for arrival and entering into the retreat process.
  • Space for creative expression/meditation/movement as part of the integration of the inner work of our dreams.
  • Time for each participant to step into the their dreams through Embodied Stringwork – a process of enacting our dreams with members of the group, led and held by the group leaders. Each dreamer has the option, of course, to not work with their dreams through stringwork, if it does not feel right. We can open dreams in other ways – through talking about the dreams, for example.
  • Space for tenderness.
  • Process time: for processing our own work, for processing what arises for us when other people do their dreamwork, for processing what comes up for us in the group process in general.
  • Space for integration and closure at the end of the retreat.