An [Etymology] of Dreaming

A Podcast About All Things Dreaming


First, let me say something about the name of my new podcast. As a writer, I am a bit obsessed with words – everything about them from meaning to sound to how we use them. So, etymology, which is the study of where words come from, is a place of great pleasure for me. To trace how a word came into its current meaning is usually a stunning process. How the roots of a word can bring such a different depth of meaning. 

Which, to me, is a little like what I do with dreams – Embodied Dreamwork, in a way, is the study of where who we are, what we do, what we don’t do, comes from. The roots, if you will. Both from our own history, our ancestoral history and a soul history, which is a way of saying who we are in the deepest parts of ourselves and who we can become. 

This podcast is a series of talks on specific dream topics, conversations with other dreamers and practitioners, all exploring the dream landscape. I hope you enjoy.

A Story of Sleeping Beauty

‘The “How” of Embodied Dreamwork
Through a Story of Sleeping Beauty
28 Dec 2017

What is Embodied Dreamwork

Exploring the Core Foundations of
Embodied Dreamwork
4 Oct 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Dreams
August 2017

Conversation w/Kate Chadwick

Dreams and Healing
October 2017


Welcome to the Podcast
Where I offer a little about why this podcast
August 2017

Dreams and Yoga Nidra

A Conversation with Bill St.Cyr and Tias Little
about the intersection of Dreams and Yoga
August 2017