Individual Work

The Collaborative Process

Embodied Dreamwork

The Collaboration of You, Your Dreams
and Your Embodied Dreamwork Practitioner

Stepping into the sacred container of your dreams is just that for me – a sacred process. Working with the dreams through Embodied Dreamwork is a collaborative process between the dream, you and me in order to open the deep intentionality of the dreams for you.

I emphasize collaborative because your dreams and the promise they hold are unique to you, no one else. Through the process of inquiry and exploration of your experience in the dreams, we discover the heat and heart of the dream together.

What does this look like? It means that as we open a dream, the exploration begins by opening what the elements of the dream mean to you. For example, if there is a bear in a dream, we will explore any associations you have with bears, if any. If there is a person in a dream, we will explore your associations with that person. If there is a place, a time, an object that seems important, again, we explore your associations first and then, with those associations, we open the dream further.

Opening to the various elements of the dream in this way, leads into the experiential work of exploring the feelings and experiences you have in the dream. We work to find the places of openings in the dream, where the dreams invite you to step into feeling; we also work to find the places of blocks in the dream, where perhaps an old story keeps you from unfolding to the new story the dreams offer.

As a practitioner, I also work to not overlay my own stories on the dreams that are presented when working with you. This is crucial to the work with dreams because your dreams are crafted for you and only you. Each element of the story, each experience, each person, each feeling is unique to you and your journey in some very particular way.

Bringing the Practice of Dreams into the Everyday

At the end of each session, we find the places for you to work with between sessions. This means that between each session (whether you work weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or a few times a year), you can have a practice to work with through the images and feelings and experiences of the dreams and the session. I call this “homework”.

The purpose of homework is to engage the unconscious in the conversation. The dreams are offered to us as possibility. Once we step into the dream and begin to open and work with the experience, it is like we are responding to the unconscious. The dreams then will respond to the work we have done in session.

Finding the Right Collaborator

Finding the person to collaborate with who is a good “fit” is an important part of the process of stepping into your dreams. It is a sacred process to open to the teaching of your unconscious; finding the person who is right for you, the one who will walk side by side with you on the journey is as sacred.

As a teacher and leader of the Archetypal Dreamwork community over the last 14 years, I have worked with and trained many practitioners of this unique way of working with dream. If you are interested in trying the work and you are not sure that you want to work with me, I can also help you find a practitioner who would be a great fit for you and your specific needs.

Logistics and Cost

I work with dreamers all over the world via Skype, Zoom Meetings and phone. For cost, I work with a sliding scale – I do not want money to be a barrier to those who want to work with their dreams. Please contact me for more information.