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Sue Scavo
embodied Dreamwork

I am an advocate for the dream because the dream is an advocate for us. My dream. Your dream. I am an advocate for the dream because of the the radical way dreams want to change our consciousness, change our lives. For the radical way dreams work to bring evolution to you – to your inner world, your outer world, your spiritual reality, your journey to find and manifest your truest soul self.

For the radical way that dreams work with us that is personal, particular and crafted for your journey.  And how they work with us through story, through creativity, through image and word. Through our own experience.

In Embodied Dreamwork, the feelings, experience and body responses are where the line of inquiry into the intention of your dreams begin. The heart of this work is to work in collaboration with the innate wisdom of your dreams, your memory, your experiences.

Embodied Dreamwork

Discover the brilliance of your own dreams –
step into their experiential invitation.

Discover Your Dreams

Individuals  ~  Couples

Work with dreams in the intimacy of
individual sessions.

Limina - Online Programs

A School for Dreams and Consciousness

Join us for online Embodied Dreamwork groups,
practitioner trainings and
dream intensives.


Retreats and Workshops

Working with dreams
in Embodied Dreamwork retreats around the world.


Delving into the mysterious realm of dreams
and creativity through
the mysterious realm of language.

365 Days

Meeting the challenge
to create daily images
from my dreams
for one year.