Foundations of Embodied Dreamwork


An Introduction to Embodied Dreamwork

for Dreamers, Practitioners and Therapists

This class is an exploration of the foundations of Embodied Dreamwork. This class is for you if:

  • You are a practitioner, therapist, teacher and/or spiritual teacher who wants to bring dreams into your work with clients and/or students;
  • You are interested in working with others simply around dreams;
  • You are interested in learning “what’s behind the curtain” in your own dream life.

(Please note that you can join the class at any time.)

How we pay attention to and be in conversation (relationship) with our dreams has been part of the human experience since written history – and probably since people began dreaming.

It is a mysterious and profound process to turn our attention to our dreams.

Because of the mystery, many generations of dreamers and dream practitioners have developed theories and ways to work with dreams.

For us, just like everything else that is part of the human experience (experiment), we believe that dreams, dream consciousness and how to work with dreams changes as consciousness changes.

Or perhaps a better word is evolves. As our understanding and exploration of being human evolves, so can our exploration of the unconscious material of our dream.

The 20th Century was a time of stunning change.

From the 1900’s to 2000, the world heaved, shifted, convulsed and took shape in ways unimaginable to those living in the 19th Century.

In terms of approach to mental health alone – people who had suffered from PTSD or mental illness were often treated as subhuman, possessed, labeled hysterical if a woman and locked away in western culture.

We now have been willing to explore how trauma affects us, how mental illness can be treated both at a chemical level and a human level, how women are not hysterical when they have feelings.

There is much still to evolve, of course, but just a view of how we treated individuals who needed some guidance in 1900 and then in 2000, gives some context for the amount of change in attitude and approach there has been.

Dream mavericks of that time – Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud ushered in a whole new way to be with dreams and the psyche.

And yet, even between these mavericks and others who were working with dreams at the time, there were differing ways of being with the dream – even from their public vs private positions. Carl Jung, for example, did not publish his writing/art/illustrated manuscript about his own inner experiences and vulnerable work during his lifetime, because he believed, in part, it was not scholarly enough.

Change, evolution.

Our dreams change and evolve as we do – both on an individual level and also on a greater layer of community and the greater human consciousness.

In this course of study, we are going to explore the foundations of how we work with dreams as they pertain to what has come before us in our own lineage, as well as how the dreams themselves are working to evolve us, not just individually, but in a broader consciousness.

The Basics of the Class

The course, offered over three trimesters, will explore the foundational elements that we, at Students of the Dream and LIMINA, bring to working with dreams. We will cover:

  • The “intention” of dreams and dreaming.
  • The art of collaboration between dreams, the dreamer and the dream practitioner.
  • The art of relationship when working in the realm of dreams.
  • The “how” of working with dreams – working with experiences in dreams.
  • How to work with dreams through the experiential, felt reality that is invoked/provoked by the dream realm, including:

– Working with the ways dreams both support and challenge the dreamer.
– Working with time as layered in a dream rather than linear.
– Exploring Archetypes in a new way and how they interact with dreamers and dreams in the dream realm.
– Working with the nature of how dreams can “turn things upside down”.
– Working with  issues such as blind spots, trauma, growth, radical change, spirituality – and the core issue of     discernment and how, as humans, we often lose our own inner knowing

2nd Trimester Schedule

  • Dec 6th – Wednesday 7pm EST – Intro Seminar
  • Dec 20th – Wednesday 7pm EST – Seminar
  • Jan 17th – Wednesday 7pm EST – Seminar
  • Jan 31st – Wednesday 7pm EST – Seminar
  • Feb 12th – Wednesday 7pm EST – Seminar
  • Feb 28th – Tuesday 7pm EST – Final Seminar of Trimester

Tentative 3rd Trimester Schedule

  • March 7th – Wednesday 7pm EST – Intro Seminar
  • March 28th – Wednesday 7pm EST – Seminar
  • April 11th – Wednesday 7pm EST – Seminar
  • May 2nd – Wednesday 7pm EST – Seminar
  • May 16th – Wednesday 7pm EST – Seminar
  • May 30th – Tuesday 7pm EST – Final Seminar of Trimester


9 Certificate of Study Hours per Trimester

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Sue Scavo and Bill St.Cyr

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This class is for those who are interested in learning the foundations of this practice in order to work with others or for their own understanding.

Dreamer's Gatherings

We have found that the group process can be profound and powerful and deeply supportive. The heart and intention of our online Dreamer’s Gathering is to create a community and a safe environment in which to explore the realm of our dreams together. We offer a container for that exploration as well as guidance with the dreams with the intention of supporting the dreamer’s inner work.

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and elements of Embodied Dreamwork.
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Certificate of Study Programs

We have several levels of Certificate of Study programs available for those who are interested in learning the foundational elements of
Embodied Dreamwork:

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Ongoing Advanced Studies Certificate of Study
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