What is Dreamwork?

Embodied Dreamwork brings together the wisdom of not just dreams but of the experience in our bodies of the dreams and all of the experience and memory we carry in our bodies. Not just that – but also the wisdom and possibility carried our bodies. 

We do carry possibility and memory in our cells – ancestral memory, soul memory. When our dreams activate and engage our soul memory and body memory,  alchemical change can happen. Change that affects not just our understanding, our comprehension of ourselves, our mindfulness but also all that we carry in our body. Dreams can change how we are in relationship to our selves and our bodies and the world we inhabit. 


What is the How of Dreamwork?

Dreams teach us through story and through the way we experience the dream landscape inside of us and relationship with the figures who come in our dreams. We are not just “told” what is happening, we are brought into story and dreams to experience what the dreams want us to know.

Think of it this way – if we are told it is very scary to be chased by a bear through woods, we would easily agree. Yes, that must be true. But the dream puts us in actual woods and puts the bear actually behind us so that we experience all there is to experience. Including any experience we may have had by being chased – by bears or otherwise. 

Dreams also give us the story of who we are and who we are not from the perspective of the dream, from an archetypal realm –  a place that is beyond [perhaps below in our underground world] how we have been raised, conditioned, patterned through our outer life experience to see ourselves and the world. Beyond [below] familial stories, cultural stories, stories about who we [must] be because of gender, race, class, who and how we love. 

To show where and how we have been hurt, how we have learned to survive and to take us through not just healing, but into possibility.


Ways to do Dreamwork


Individual Work

Individual sessions where we work with dreams in a safe and collaborative space. Click here for more.

Retreat/Group Work

The opportunity to step into an intimate group setting to explore the deep intentions of the dream in a safe and collaborative space. Click here for more.

Relationship Work

Working with dreams to help explore relationship issues and strengths. Click here for more.