365 Days

Day 1 of 365 Study of Eyes

Dream fragment: I am standing at a place where deep, dense jungle and open savannah. A baby elephant and a baby giraffe burst out of the jungle running at full speed. They seem exuberant. I turn back to the jungle and see elephant legs, as big a redwood trees, moving toward me, out of the forest. They feel like the herd and family of these two babies. The are about to burst out of the jungle, too. Almost like bursting out of an enclosure. I feel awe, exhileration and scared all at the same time.

I love this dream as part of my process of coming out of the deep, quiet, unknown and a little more into the place of being seen. Feels vulnerable. And the support of the huge, towering herd, gives me a sense of deep support and also primal, primal energy.

I did this sketch during an in-class exercise I had given to students in one of our courses at Limina. After the sketch, I realized I could start my 365 days with this sketch – it did not have to be perfect. And so I did.