365 Days of Dreaming

Day 1 of 365 Study of Not Subtle

Day 1 of 365. Study of Not Subtle.

In a house, filled with old things, old circumstances, old ways, old relationships. I walk through and by it all. Outside, a storm, rain deluging everything. I see houses swept up in the storm, feel the house I am in buckle. A woman says, if there is anything to save, do it now. I can think of nothing to save. There is nothing in this house of my past for me. I see another house sweeping by, people leaning out of windows and rowing. It makes me laugh.


I am on a threshold, the old ways and beliefs and structures inside and out are changing. In another round of change. This time, I have no attachments, I feel no pull to slip into old patterns, ways of being and believing. Nothing catches me here. Only to let it go, only to be in the humor. Only to feel the washing away. Only to feel the tenderness, sadness, readiness and even the joy. I am ready.