365 Days

A Year of Dream-Inspired Drawings

The 365 Day Challenge is the invitation to do something everyday for a year, something that is important and at the same time, perhaps, challenging. I have accepted the invitation to create and post a drawing that is inspired by my dreams everyday for a year. It has been delightful, frustrating and incredibly heart-blowing (and mind-blowing) to be steeped in this process. Below are some of the drawings – and I will continue to add as my year continues.

A few of the drawings include writing and writing about the dream that inspired them (I will be adding more soon). To read more about the dream and drawing, click the titles that are blue (meaning they have a link…) 

Read more here about my inspiration to take the challenge…

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Day 193

Study of Water

Day 166

Study of Curve

Day 192

Study of the Bluing

Day 172

Study of Lean

Day 168

Study of Hinge

Day 165

Study of XIII

Day 148

Study of Discomfort. Still.

Day 131

Study of Scribble

Day 129

Study of Scribble

Day 118

Study of Relinquish

Day 114

Study of Inquiry

Day 95

Study of Swallow

Day 79

Study of Stillness

Day 71

Study of Carried

Day 69

Study of Held

Day 68

Study of Kong

Day 67

Study of Blue

Day 51

Study in Blue (The Power of Return)

Day 50

Study of Knife

Day 41

Study of Remembrance

Day 39

Study in Remembrance

Day 38

Study of New Moon

Day 37

Study in Carry

Day 35

Study in Flight

Day 33

Study of Blue

Day 27

Study in Words

Day 21

Study of Girl

Day 19

Study of Girl