365 Days

Taking the Challenge

A dear friend of mine early this year committed to doing 365 of drawing. What this means is that she has committed to doing a drawing, an art piece, every day for 365 days AND to post her work everyday on various social media sites. Her courage and vulnerability are stunning to me. I am following her on Instagram and Facebook.  She is an incredible artist and her pieces move me deeply, so following her process has been amazing and delightful. I look forward to her post every day. 

The artist is Bettina Lancaster and she was inspired by her fellow artist and close friend Carolyn Ellis. You can find them on Instagram in the links to the left.

I followed their commitment to themselves in this way for several months, feeling exhilarated and inspired and intimidated by their process. I love discovering a new piece from them every day. 

After following them for several months and having so many feelings about it, I realized that there was an invitation for me here. An invitation to take a leap, the way that I have learned to leap in my inner work. 

I am not an artist like Bettina and Carolyn are – but I am a dreamer, a dream activist and one who believes that dreams and the creative life both offer a place of transformation and alchemy.

And so, I am stepping into the invitation with my own 365 days of creativity and dreaming. I am committing to myself to post, every day, here and on facebook and instagram, my own simple doodles, drawings and/or scribbles for a full year. Starting today. 

Since I am both a doodler and a writer, I will let myself post both drawings and scraps of fresh writing everyday. Thank you Bettina and Carolyn (who I hope to meet someday).