365 Days

A Year of Dream-Inspired Drawings

To take the 365 Day Challenge is to commit to doing something everyday for a year. I took the challenge to do a drawing a year for the first time starting in 2016, inspired by an artist friend. And when the year ended, I decided to do a second year – this time a drawing a day directly from my dreams with the dream included.

Below are some of the drawings – and I will continue to add as my year continues.

A few of the drawings include writing about the dreams that inspired them (I will be adding more soon). To read more about the dream and drawing, click the titles that are blue (meaning they have a link…)

Read more here about my inspiration to take the challenge…

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Day 280

Study of “We are going to Paris, NOW!”

Day 282

Study of Now

Day 283

Study of Now

Day 275

Study of Horse (Stop)

Day 276

Study of Horse (Stop)

Day 278

Study of Hope

Day 270

Study of Hope

Day 272

Study of Hope

Day 274

Study of Horse (Stop)

Day 261

Study of Oak

Day 265

Study of Change

Day 267

Study of Time, Layered

Day 253

Study of Oak

Day 254

Study of Touch

Day 256

Study of Touch

Day 234

Study of Oak

Day 248

Study of Not the Same Way

Day 249

Study of Not the Same Way

Day 225

Study of Ancient Oak Medicine

Day 231

Study of Reach

Day 233

Study of Reach

Day 216

Study of Red Ten Speed

Day 220

Study of Ancient Oak Tree

Day 222

Study of Ancient Oak Tree

Day 206

Study of What Happens at an Anne Carson Reading

Day 209

Study of Eagle, II

Day 212

Study of Letter to You, II

Day 193

Study of Changing Story

Day 195

Study of A Little Lost (Between Stories), II

Day 204

Study of Waiting for Me, II

Day 170

Study of Pivot

Day 171

Study of Reach II

Day 172

Study of Reach II

Day 167

Study of Stay

Day 168

Study of Stay

Day 169

Study of Reach

Day 152

Study of Bridge

Day 156

Study of Swim

Day 164

Study of What’s Missing

Day 136

Study of Little Boat

Day 143

Study of Fear of Following Directions and Following Them Anyway

Day 145

Study of Prayer: The Grief of Forgetting and The Tenderness of Remembrance

Day 123

Study of Woven Mistake

Day 131

Study of Looking II

Day 135

Study of Pathway

Day 114

Study of Blue

Day 115

Study of Under

Day 120

Study of Under